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 Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother

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PostSubject: Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother   Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:16 pm

Maybe someone will hate me for seeing this on the forum. Probably wants to delete it immediatly when he sees this. But that person has to remember that no one will ever read this, for no one will ever come to the forum. Yet, another bright idea with so much potential died when it was born

When I first started my “job” as a God Mother, I knew upfront it would be a tough job.
With the rest of the council 5,000 miles and several time zones away, I saw the challenges laying in front of me.

God, I've tried so hard.

And yes, I had fun, much fun. I enjoyed it very much to help out the most of you, recall things, answering questions or just talk or laugh, making jokes. I miss that now. I miss all of you.

What happened? Was this guild growing too fast? I think so yes.
There were a few people at the top...
Puting alot of money into this guild to let it grow and let it grow out of hand.
Pulling in people who started to make trouble and they just let it grow and let it grow out of hand. I've suggested to make guild rules so everybody would know what to expect, especially when gods were put on faithless or even worse were kicked and hadn't a clue why or what went wrong.
But it was more important to let the guild grow and let it grow out of hand.

I've suggested to make an appointment with everybody of the council to do a conference on yahoo, so we could discuss all guild matters. Downloaded yahoo again on my computer to set it up. There was not one soul ever replying to that suggestion. Not even a “Fald, that's a good idea, but it can't be done because everybody has different agenda's”. NOTHING

Of course in guilds like this and probably in any guild people have favorits. I did too, I admit that. But when it comes to rules that were standing on the forum, I never ever did anything special for that person. Rules are rules... 4 days not leveling up? You got a message from me asking you to level up. And that wasn't even a written rule, but I carried it out. No matter who it was, offering my help if they needed it, buffing, getting items, no matter, they had to level up.
Some guild mates were artists in not leveling up and just do 2 levels because I've asked it.

I've tried to be direct and straight to the point. A is A and can't be Z.
So when there was a minimum level of 20 indicated for newby's in our guild, I was totally flabbergasted to see a level 5 boy and a level 7 girl joining us. The level 5 boy was explained (although a little questionable), the girl.... I think I'm still guessing it's a niece of eaglebob.
Whatever happened to A=A and not Z?
And whatever happened with consultations with the council? Even if it was only to inform us?
On more than one occation I was set up for a surprise in the morning when I first signed in to do the administration for this guild.

When important, very important rules are broken by high council members without explaining to others (not even other council members) how or why, that's where I have to draw the line and that's what happened. I can't live with that and that's why I stepped down as God Mother, cause I can't look into some people's eyes anymore, too ashamed of what has happened here.

Yes, I'm tired and probably deserve a break, or maybe I'm already beyond that point of having a break as a medicin to go on.
A is A and not Z.... How hard can that be?

The only reason I'm still here is the friends I don't want to leave behind and the CXP I've contributed.
I don't know what I will do...
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PostSubject: Re: Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother   Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:18 pm

Falderie, while I respect your decision, I am saddened by your decision. I won't try and argue with you that what you are doing is either right or wrong, but instead let me express my desires to see you happy. I can understand your frustrations, and whatever I can do to help relieve them, just let me know. I hope this guild (which gave me a home) can become more of what you desire to see from it and reflect those needs. I hope that this will be a call to strive even harder, rather than an excuse to give up and waste away.

This guild is a guild of young players, which means growing pains will of course be natural. And while we as guild weed out the bad ones as well as encourage the good ones, we must remember to always look to support our leaders. They work so hard at trying to make this the best they can, and often it is a thankless job. A lot of good things they do go unnoticed which leads to frustrations when things don't always work out. So to Suff, AJ, Nuttin, eagle, headcase, and the rest, I just want to voice my appreciation and hope that what Falderie has gone through won't happen to anyone else.

In any relationship, no matter if it's a friendship, romance, or just a group of people with a common goal such as this, communication is the key. Hopefully we can do something to improve it, after all if the head of an organism dies, the body dies. And if the body doesn't tell the head what is needed, the head won't know which way to turn the body. And if the body doesn't listen and obey the head, then nothing will be accomplished. Hopefully these few words of wisdom will help some of you out there.

And to Falderie, always know that I respect you, cherish you, and apprieciate you. I sincerely hope that you take these words of encouragement to fight agaisnt your frustrations and anger. Always remember, as long as I am a part of this guild, you will not stand alone.

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PostSubject: Re: Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother   Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:45 pm

Very Happy glad 2 see u talking out about what happened and still staying on but im still sad u left Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother   

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Why Falderie is so tired and has stepped down as a God Mother
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